In August of 2018, I started visiting assisted living communities for my mom. My mom has Dementia and at that time, I visited three different communities in the area.

In August of 2018, I visited St. Gabriel. From the moment I walked in the front door, I was greeted by a very cheerful lady at the front desk. I felt like this was a five-star hotel. Nancy had given a tour of the community and I instantly knew this was where my mom was going to be living. The staff was super friendly, and the residents I saw were all clean, combed and well cared for. Every area I walked by was super clean and smelled very fresh. The nurses and the staff were very friendly, and they accommodated the needs of the residents. This is a very difficult task daily for multiple people. My mom has been at St. Gabriel since August 2019. St. Gabriel is a very special community because of the great care they provide to the residents. This takes a tremendous amount of pressure off me. Keep up the awesome job you master every day!!!!

Thank you for everything you guys do!!

My name is Becky and I wanted to write a letter to express my happiness with St. Gabriel Assisted Living. I have a dear friend who moved into St. Gabriel in October and she loves it!!

It took her a few weeks to get used to not living in her own home. She enjoys the activities, the food, and the warmth which she receives at St Gabriel. I visit her regularly and I am amazed at the staff and the other residents. In asking her if she would move back home if she could, she replied with an enthusiastic, “NO”. The hardest thing in loving someone older who is not able to care for themselves in all areas is a tough thing to see. But now I see joy and laughter from my friend, as she feels safe, loved and pampered. It brings peace of mind and heart to have her at St. Gabriel. I could not be happier. My friend has found a new lease on life.

Thanks for everything,

“I came here from Texas with only a brief introduction and found everything as stated and promised. It is beautiful, well kept facility. The staff is well trained, but mostly kind and generous. I highly recommend St. Gabriel to everyone.

Gaylor, Resident

When the time came to move my father from Independent Living to Assisted Living, my family wanted what was best for him. After looking in North and South Carolina, it became clear that St. Gabriel’s of Prince Creek rose to the top in terms of the best location for our father. From all four points on the compass, St. Gabriel’s excelled and had everything covered with their competent and caring staff; a beautiful and well-maintained facility; good food service; and kind and friendly residents. My Dad has since transitioned to Memory Care and the family continues to be very happy with our decision of St. Gabriel’s.

Edward Drew